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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Ficus lyrata, or the Fiddle Leaf Fig, is a types of evergreen exotic tree belonging to the tropical lowlands of western Africa. Belonging to the fig/mulberry household, Moraceae, it takes its label from its gigantic environment-friendly leaves: They resemble the shapes and size of fiddles. These fallen leaves are also known for being alternately organized and for displaying foliar polymorphisms, a high quality that the Fiddles share with others in their family members (encompassing trees, shrubs, as well as lianas). In less complex terms, this means the leaf forms can be different for various stages of life, a relatively one-of-a-kind feature. As a matter of fact, most various other plants’ leaves make the same shapes throughout their lives.

Fiddle Leaf Figs can be tricky plants to maintain: Like a lot of figs, they are temperamental and very conscious environmental conditions, particularly the cold. When you understand a few tricks, this is a rewarding plant to care for, living up to its online reputation as the “‘ it’ plant of the design globe” with its rich and bushy appearance.

Just how much sunlight does a Fiddle Leaf Fig require?

In the native lowland environment of this plant, from Sierra Leone to Cameroon, it is warm as well as moist; it rains frequently, but gently; and the sunlight runs out the dampness. You can recreate these problems by placing your Fiddle in intense indirect light with a few hrs of full sun once in a while. Area it in a window, instead than next to or a couple of feet away from one.

Keep in mind, the Fiddle is similar to various other plant in that its cells utilize the sunlight’s power for food. Since its leaves are gigantic compared to most other plants, they’ll need extra sunlight than you ‘d normally provide a plant. If you are unsure whether you are providing it adequate light, indicators like drooping leaves are a sign that it is desire more.

How commonly should you water a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

The price you will certainly sprinkle will certainly depend on the light as well as temperature of your office or home, so assess sprinkling in between every 1-2 weeks. Pretend you are the sun and the rainfall for your plant. When the soil is completely dry, be a rainstorm and also water with 1/4- 1/3 of the pot’s quantity of water so that you can saturate the dirt with simply adequate and afterwards allow it dry out. When damp, act like the sun and also wait till it dries. Expect to water regularly in brighter light as well as less often in lower light.

Yellow fallen leaves and wet potting mix signify overwatering, and also crunchy, crinkling fallen leaves mean that it needs extra water.

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs need moisture?

Normal space moisture is fine, however the Fiddle Leaf Fig will certainly gain from higher moisture; as a matter of fact, leaf crisp can also be an indication that more humidity (along with more regular waterings) are needed.

What temperature level does a Fiddle Leaf Fig like?
Your best option is to keep the Fiddle Leaf Fig at 65 ° F-85 ° F( 18 ° C-30 ° C) and also prevent letting temperature levels go down listed below 60 ° F( 15 ° C).

How large does a Fiddle Leaf Fig get?

This plant will reach a best elevation of about 30 ft. (10 meters) and will certainly have a spread of about 10 ft. (3.2 meters) in the outdoors. As a houseplant, it will be smaller sized, maturing to regarding six feet (1.8 meters) tall.

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs very easy to take care of?

Fiddles are requiring, however they aren’t any more difficult to take treatment of than several various other plants, as we’ve laid out over. There is always the risk of leaf decline because they do need brilliant sun, moisture, regular temperature levels, and marginal drafts. Fiddles are additionally much more vulnerable to plant pests as well as diseases than various other plants. They attract most bugs, and also it is extremely easy for them to come to be contaminated. They are fairly low-maintenance in other respects (e.g., sprinkling) and if they require something, they will certainly usually connect it to you by going down fallen leaves.

As we have actually pointed out, Fiddles are taken into consideration one of the most unique and also elegant plants for any type of indoor area, so checking the setting in your house and also caring for your Fiddle deserves the few added actions that it takes.

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs safe for animals?

Fiddle Leaf Figs are not safe for pet dogs. They are hazardous to cats as well as pet dogs, as well human beings if consumed. The ideal practice is always to maintain houseplants out of reach of kids and pet dogs.


Fiddles are happiest in a stable environment and should always be positioned right in or near a home window. Maintain away from air conditioning system, heating systems and also drafts. If you do see fallen leave drop, while following our over guidelines, manage the fallen leaves meticulously as well as hold your horses– they take their time growing back.

As stated, the plants need to be stayed out of reach of children and also animals. The species, including its latex sap, is poisonous if ingested.

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